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Jacques Whitford 5-Day Course

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Course recognized by Canadian Environmental Auditing Association


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July  11 – 15, 2005
Agenda Ambiental de la UASLP

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San Luis Potosí, México.
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  • Objectives, Principles and Components of Environmental Management Systems.

  • General Requirements of ISO 14001:2004

  • Environmental Management Tools and Techniques for Planning, Operating, and Maintaining an EMS.

  • Management Review and Continual Improvement;

  • Preparation and Process for ISO 14001 EMS Registration.

  • Auditing Concepts, Principles, and Skills;

  • Audit Planning, Process and Roles and Responsibilities

  • Gathering Evidence, Writing and Prioritizing Findings and Reporting.

  • Environmental Legislation.

It is recommended that attendees have some previous involvement in environmental management, technology or protection, auditing or earth sciences. Knowledge of ISO 14001 is beneficial but not required.

This course is based on the Standards Council of Canada’s auditor training syllabus and the Body of Skills and Know- ledge of the Canadian Environmental Auditing Association (CEAA). Graduates successfully completing this course will have the instruction necessary to satisfy the formal training requirements to become an EMS Auditor or EMS Lead Auditor.

Environmental Management Systems (EMS) and the Environmental Auditing Programs that support them are quickly becoming essential elements of business.  Certification of company environmental management systems to the ISO 14001 Standard is increasingly being demanded by business customers and expected by governments and the public.

Attendees to this course will learn:

  • The business case for EMS and Environmental Auditing

  • How to design and manage an effective EMS; the requirements of the ISO 14001 EMS Standard

  • The role of Environmental Auditing in an EMS and corporate governance

  • How to design and operate an effective audit program

  • The requirements for auditor training and certification the linkages to risk management, cost reduction, innovation, supply-chain management and corporate sustainability.


  • People involved with developing or implementing an EMS, especially ISO 14001

  • Facility managers who may be subject to an EMS or regulatory compliance audit

  • Internal or external compliance or EMS auditors; Quality and internal auditors

  • Audit program managers and ISO 14001 program managers

  • People wishing to obtain certification as EMS auditors

  • Government or institutional employees wanting more knowledge of EMS and audit processes

  • Health and safety personnel wishing to acquire management system and audit skills and techniques.

Jacques Whitford is an employee owned environment, engineering, and earth sciences consulting firm, established in Canada in 1972.  We pride ourselves on our excellence in quality and superior customer service.  Jacques Whitford has a multidisciplinary staff of approximately 1200, in 40 offices across Canada, the United States and internationally, providing services in such areas as:

  • Environmental Engineering

  • Environmental Sciences & Planning

  • Hydrogeology / Hydrology

  • Air Quality / Noise Assessment

  • Corporate Environmental Management

  • Environmental Sciences and Planning

  • Health & Safety

  • Geotechnical Engineering

  • Materials Testing & Research

  • Building Sciences

  • Energy Management

  • Waste Management

  • Integrated Risk Management Services

Jacques Whitford training course are provided by the Jacques Whitford Training Institute (JWTI).

Randy Sinukoff - Masters of Applied Science, Professional Engineer, Certified Environmental Auditor, Principal Consultant, Jacques Whitford – Toronto, Canada

Personal Experience Highlights
Lead instructor for the Jacques Whitford ISO 14001 Lead Auditor and other similar courses since 1996;  Assisted in development and implementation of EMS to ISO 14001 for many industries, governments and institutions;

Lead auditor for over 200 environmental management or regulatory compliance audits in Canada;
Significant contributor to the development of auditing programs and documents for the Canadian Government and similar organizations; and,
Member of ISO Technical Committee TC207, and Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Technical Committee on Environmental Auditing, and has been involved in writing six different CSA and ISO standards.

COST US $750

The course is delivered in English. Translation will be provided as necessary.
Registration limited to 20 participants.

Payments are to be made in: Banamex No. 0870-0033660 ref: 769, CLABE:00218087000336602 in pesos at present exchange rate and send deposit ticket by fax.
Registration: Covers all program materials and lunches. Accommodations are not included.
Accommodations:  Panorama Hotel fare is $520 (MN) a day in single room, breakfast buffet included.
Cancellations: A full refund will be provided if cancellations are made at least two weeks prior to the start date. No refunds will be made afterwards unless the place is filled.

A tax deductible receipt will be issued.


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